My name is Stephen Braitsch and I am a designer, developer, and filmmaker living in the Lower Haight neighborhood of beautiful San Francisco.

I am also the organizer of the San Francisco Creative Coders, a non-profit meetup group that aims to bring creative developers together to share ideas whilst doing fun things in and around the Bay Area.

My design & development background is firmly rooted in building sites & applications for the Flash platform, although I have always been especially interested in technologies that explore the human / computer relationship. Most recently I have been prototyping & experimenting with OpenFrameworks, CinderLib and Touch Designer to explore this space.

My latest commercial project is a Git client called Revisions that aims to simplify version control & file sharing for non-technical folks. Revisions is built in AS3, Python, and Bash, runs on top of Adobe Air and will soon be available for both the Mac & Windows platforms.

Stephen Braitsch

Stephen Braitsch
San Francisco, CA – November, 2011
Photo Credit : Sven Winter